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“Be a Better Team by Friday is an accurate title—the tools in this book really do lead to immediate results that make a big difference.”

The go-to playbook for high-performance business leaders in 2023, Be a Better Team by Friday is a visionary, how-to guide for CEOs, top leaders, and team managers committed to achieving astonishing gains.

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What you’ll learn

As your company’s growth accelerates, the heat turns up, and teams break down. It gets harder to work together when things get tough. This book reveals the surprisingly simple skills required to get your team to the top. Fast.

Learn proven strategies that will inspire your teams to communicate better, collaborate more effectively, think bigger, and achieve your most ambitious goals. This isn’t just theory. The seven proven practices detailed inside are actionable tactics rigorously focused on getting results while improving morale.

Real-world examples, client stories, research, and clear, easy-to-follow instructions will show you exactly what it takes to become a high-performance team. Apply these powerful tools and watch your team transform. You’ll build camaraderie. You’ll have more fun.

Even better, your team and your company will win.

The Authors

JUSTIN FOLLIN is a lifelong student and teacher of what brings out the best in people and a trusted advisor to leaders in fast-growth business sectors. Along with co-author and founder DAVID BUTLEIN GREENSPAN, Justin is the co-founder and managing partner of BLUECASE Strategic Partners. Drawing from David’s PhD in high-performance psychology and their combined twenty-five years of organizational consulting expertise, Justin and David specialize in solving leadership cultural problems that inevitably come with scale. They have successfully coached CEOs and leadership teams in publicly traded companies and in rapidly scaling, private-equity backed businesses ranging from $20M to $2B in revenue.

Be a Better Team by Friday isn’t just theory

“A seismic cultural shift.”

“Profoundly energized and bonded the team.”

“Aligned merging teams under one umbrella…in a couple of days.”

Be a Better Team by Friday is an accurate title—the tools in this book really do lead to immediate results that make a big difference. As the CEO forming one of the largest public infrastructure services companies in the US, I relied on Justin and David to help me align merging teams under one umbrella. Usually, building this level of trust can take years, but BLUECASE laid the foundation in a couple of days.”


“We’ve been on one hell of a ride with BLUECASE! David and Justin have become trusted advisors who’ve supported us through thirteen acquisitions, growing our customer base from 500 to over 10,000, expanding our team from 50 to over 400, and growing from one location to five. The foundational work we’ve done with David and Justin grew our capabilities to take our workforce fully remote during the pandemic.”


“Read this book if you want to see your organization change in real time! After our first session with Justin and David, we were a better team, just like the book promises. Their approach profoundly energized and bonded the team, resulting in a seismic cultural shift. Over two years, they helped us address company-wide breakdowns, grow, and, eventually, sell the company to one of the largest fintech companies in the world.”


The Seven Practices

• Choose Your Mindset

• Get Real With Each Other

• Know the Fundamental ‘Why’

• Give Feedback Like a Coach

• Adapt Your Work-Styles

• Get Focused

• Get it Done

“We’ve gone from $94M to half a billion in revenue since we started working with them. They helped us implement a self-propagating leadership development program, creating a new crop of ambitious, high-performing leaders at every level and enhancing our company culture – carrying us through the pandemic and preparing us for the next big challenge. This book is a shortcut for accessing BLUECASE’s leadership development process and getting to know the founders, David and Justin. If internal communications and leadership development are a source of frustration, and you struggle with company culture, enhancing creativity and innovation, or attracting the best talent—read on. You will find practical, customizable, easy-to-implement tools you can start using today. More than advice, BLUECASE will give you the clarity you need to transform your company.”


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